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Functional Medicine Business Coaching: Optimizing Your Practice
for You and Your Patients

You’ve spent the last several years training and preparing to practice medicine as an equal, therapeutic partner with your patients, but are they genuinely prepared for Functional Medicine’s mutual-participatory model?

As a Functional Medicine practitioner, your approach to treatment is different from that of traditional medicine and likewise, so should your approach to your overall business model. From how you communicate with your patients to how treatment plans are structured, to how your internal team supports you, each other and your patients – Functional Medicine is complex for the provider, practice, and the patient! 

As a National Board Certified, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Kara Ware is uniquely qualified in guiding you, your team, and your patients toward success in Functional Medicine. Curious? Check out some of our resources to learn how business coaching can help your practice succeed and assist your patients in assuming true autonomy over their healthcare.  

How to Make Functional Medicine More Approachable, Affordable, and Sustainable

Good Medicine On the Go, Season 2

Season 2 answers the questions Why and How to Integrate a Health Coach in Clinical Practice. Learn how a Functional Medicine Health Coach can assist in optimizing patient experience and retention, improving clinical outcomes, increasing word of mouth referrals, and ultimately enhancing your practice’s bottom line.

How to Effectively Interview, Hire, Train, Manage, and Optimize a Health Coach in Clinical Practice

Our easy-to-read training manual details a unique model for implementing a Functional Medicine Health Coach. The manual shares Kara’s tested and proven methods for interviewing, onboarding, and integrating a health coach into your practice right away. Filled with actionable advice on encouraging patient activation, boosting conversion rates, improving clinical outcomes, and more!

Schedule a Welcome Call with Kara Ware, NBC-HWC and Business Advisor

Kara has worked in conventional and Functional Medicine practices for over 18 years. A leading expert in improving patient retention and clinical outcomes for Functional Medicine practices, she offers a deep understanding of the patient’s experience, business acumen, and coaching vital to designing, opening, running, and growing a Functional Medicine practice.

Kara has created a new model of care where the health coach drives the first encounter and through her coaching approach, she is able to get patients to assume personal responsibility for 80% of their care making the practitioners work easier and more effective, driving superior outcomes for the patient and efficiency for the practitioner. I think every practice should adopt her model.


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Learning genomics can feel really hard, and applying the information, even harder.

How Business Coaching Can Benefit Your Functional Medicine Practice and Patients

Ready to improve patient activation, thus patient retention, which optimizes clinical outcomes, increases word of mouth referrals, and positively affects your bottom line?