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You have spent the last several years training and preparing to practice medicine as an equal, therapeutic partner. Is your patient genuinely prepared for Functional Medicine’s mutual-participatory model?

Kara Ware recognized the need to be more proactive in preparing new patients for the Functional Medicine process and partnership. Many patients arrive at a Functional Medicine clinic in a state of crisis. Emotional distress prohibits change and diminishes the patient’s ability to communicate and remember important guidance and recommendations. This makes the medical provider’s role feel more challenging than it needs to.

Therefore, Kara and Dr. Nathan Morris, MD decided to flip the traditional implementation of a health coach upside down. They evolved the integration of a health coach model to maximize the effectiveness of Kara’s health coaching skill set. As the National Board Certified, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Kara was the professional to welcome new patients into the practice, drive the patient’s first encounter, and offer follow-up coaching sessions to assist patients in the change process. Dr. Nathan Morris, MD met with empowered new patients, rather than patients in emotional distress.

“I saw fewer patients, yet my practice earned more income once Kara and I evolved the health coach integration model.”

– Dr. Nathan Morris, MD

Health coach workflow integration model

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Season 2 answers the questions Why and How to Integrate a Health Coach in Clinical Practice. Learn systems development for successfully integrating a health coach to assist you in optimizing your patient experience and retention, therefore, clinical outcomes, which increase your word of mouth referrals, thus, ultimately enhancing your practice’s bottom line.

“Working with Kara Ware led to a doubling of my new patients in the first month. Her ability to reorganize my practice and place Jennifer Stump, NBC-HWC, as a health coach into my clinical model has led to better patient outcomes, less stress for me, and an increase in income. We now have a well-oiled machine that takes full advantage of my health coach’s skills and frees me up to do the parts of a functional medicine practice I really enjoy. Working with Kara to integrate a health coach has been the single best practice innovation I’ve made in the last 10-15 years. I recommend her to all of my Kalish Institute students

– Dr. Dan Kalish, DC


Kara has created a new model of care where the health coach drives the first encounter and through her coaching approach, she is able to get patients to assume personal responsibility for 80% of their care making the practitioners work easier and more effective, driving superior outcomes for the patient and efficiency for the practitioner. I think every practice should adopt her model.


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