A Proactive Strategy Model to Integrate Health Coaching into a Functional Medicine Practice Effectively eBook


Patient retention is the number one point in functional medicine. Learn the proactive practice model for optimizing patient activation which boosts clinical outcomes, which boosts patient retention, and word-of-mouth referrals, and bolsters your bottom line.

This manual details a simple yet highly effective strategy to orient Providers and Patients to work together as equal, therapeutic partners from the very first encounter. Plus, the manual shares Ware’s tested and proven method for interviewing, onboarding, and integrating a health coach into your practice right away.



Encourage patient activation, boost patient conversion rates, clinical outcomes, and word-of-mouth referrals, and bolster your bottom line with Kara Ware’s Coaching Forward proactive strategy model detailed in How to Integrate Health Coaching into a Functional Medicine Practice Effectively.

From finding the right health coach to creating seamless workflows in your practice, Kare Ware, a board-certified health coach and business advisor, brings over two decades of experience to this one-of-a-kind training manual. She explains not only why expanding the role of a health coach can improve patient activation and your practice’s bottom line but also exactly how to make the transition seamless.

Learn each critical step in the process of integrating a health coach in clinical practice, allowing you to follow along as you develop a practice and patient workflow model that will make your patients and practice more successful – everything from hiring to back-office technology.

This manual includes:

  • How to interview, hire, onboard, train, manage, and optimize a health coach in clinical practice
    Recommended care paths for patients
  • Front and back-office design and communication systems
  • Technology configuration drives your practice to streamline the patient’s journey
  • Optimal team integration tools

Want to learn more? Listen to Season 2 of the Good Medicine On The Go podcast, where Kara Ware and Dr. Nathan Morris interview leaders in the field of business development and health coaching on how to make functional medicine more approachable, affordable, and sustainable. Now available on all podcast platforms.

Note: The ebook is a downloadable file you will receive access to upon successful purchase.

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