Hope for Healing Workbook


The journey of healing the root causes of symptoms through functional medicine can be a long and challenging road – not just for patients, but for the whole family. This workbook was created with the entire family – including caregivers – in mind with the goal of helping everyone become more vibrant versions of themselves.

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Inside you will find education, inspiration, and guidance to help everyone feel more confident and competent as you navigate your functional medicine journey. You will learn how to distill the massive amount of lifestyle, behavioral, and medical information you receive into a personalized care plan that can be easily applied to your unique circumstances and current ability. This careful layering of changes and interventions in a safe, intelligent, sequential order creates consistency and allows you to have time to stabilize before adding in anything new.

Think of this workbook as your map through your change process, helping you prepare, pack, and embark on this journey with patience, curiosity, and an open mind. We use tools from the fields of positive psychology, self-directed neuroplasticity, quantum physics, and brain-heart coherence to show you how to implement changes based on values, strengths, thoughts, and elevated emotions which lead to positive physical outcomes including different gene expression and restoration of imbalances.

The workbook will also show you how to sustain and evolve your plan using non-violent communication and active listening as well as budgeting techniques to help you be as efficient as possible with your time, energy, and finances.You may also like the companion Personalized Medicine Care Planner; your record-keeping journal helping you track essential information about your functional medicine journey. Inside you will find prompts to organize, document, track, and budget your personalized ninety-day care plans. Your care planner allows you to successfully track where you have been so that you make informed decisions about your next steps.

The Hope for Healing workbook was created by Kara Ware with contributions by Paula Kruppstadt, M.D. Dr. Kruppstadt is Chief Medical Officer of Hope for Healing, a pediatric and primary care functional medicine practice. Kara Ware is a functional medicine success story, turned board certified health coach. After going through her own mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical change process during her nearly two decades journey with her son, Zachary, who was diagnosed with Autism before his 3rd birthday, Kara created the workbook to help more patients and parents lead with confidence, conviction, consistency, and persistence.

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