How to Effectively Integrate a Health Coach into a Functional Medicine Practice

The Kalish Institute Mentorship

Kara Ware shares innovative ways to fully utilize a health coach’s skills and expertise to optimize patient acquisition, activation, and retention.

You’ve spent the last several years training and preparing to practice medicine as an equal, therapeutic partner with your patients, but are they genuinely prepared for functional medicine’s mutual-participatory model? Many patients arrive at a functional medicine clinic in a state of crisis. This emotional distress inhibits change and diminishes the patient’s ability to communicate, remember important guidance and recommendations, and overall be a proactive participant in their care. This makes the medical provider’s role more challenging than it needs to be and, unfortunately, limits the success of patient outcomes as well.


  • Learn a proven formula to optimize patient acquisition percent.
  • Explore what it looks like when the health coach drives the first patient encounter and how this activates patients in their personalized functional medicine process and patient-provider partnership.
  • Gain knowledge of how to design care path bundles and tracking metrics system process to keep patients returning for follow-up care.

How to Approach a Provider and Build a Collaborative Business Relationship

Wellcoaches CEU Class

In this class, you will learn how to overcome the provider’s top 3 objections to health coaching and make a compelling case that integrating a health coach is a solid business decision.

As the health coaching profession continues to be validated in science and grows in popularity, more providers are considering integrating a health coach. In this class, learn how to overcome the provider’s top 3 objections to health coaching and make a compelling case that integrating a health coach is a solid business decision. Explore several recommended ways to approach a provider and initiate a business collaboration. And learn how to create and suggest a business strategy plan to partner for the success of the practice and the patients.


  • Understand provider’s top 3 objections to integrating a health coach.
  • Clearly communicate what a coach does that contributes to the practice’s success vs what you offer patients.
  • Explore an effective model to integrate an independent contractor health coach into private practice, a collaborative care team model.
  • Gain insight on how to request an initial meet and greet with a provider
  • Learn an effective strategy to ensure you are invited back to continue the integration discussion.

Creating Clarity in the Clinic


Join us for a tour of the newest evolution of PureGenomics®, our complimentary nutrigenomics service! In this webinar, expert‑led tutorials will demystify nutritional genomics by guiding you through the PureGenomics platform, report, new advancements, and first steps on using genomics in your practice.

COVID-19 Increased Stress on Autism Spectrum Disorder Families


CBS, Fox, Yahoo Finance, NBC

An online patient survey published in June 2020 showed the pandemic was a challenging period for 93.9% of ASD families. Many reported increased difficulties in managing daily activities, and children presenting with more intense and more frequent behavior problems. Ware says, “parents and siblings were at their wits end before COVID trying to “manage” tantrums, sensory meltdowns, picky eating, and aggressive behaviors. Covid put a spotlight on the problem, and many parents are looking for alternatives to psychotropic medications and behavioral therapy.”

Types of Business Coaching Available for Functional Medicine Practitioners


Dr. Stephanie Davis, Research Director at LivingMatrix will be interviewing Kara Ware Business Coach and Clinician Support at LivingMatrix. We will be discussing all things business coaching! Topics include:

  • What types of business coaching are available today for Functional and Integrative Medicine practices?
  • How do you figure out if you and your practice are ready for a business coach?
  • How to decide which option is the best for you?
  • What kind of results can you expect? And how quickly?
  • What about ROI?
  • Who is best suited for a bespoke coaching model like Kara’s?
  • What is the difference between the free coaching Kara provides via LivingMatrix vs what she offers from her coaching practice.
Kara Ware