Season 3

Reimagining Marketing: Simple Steps to Build Relationships and Strengthen Your Practice

This season we’re breaking down the common myths and mishaps of marketing — to help you reach more patients, build stronger relationships and grow a more resilient and enjoyable practice.

Starring your fearless hosts: Kara Ware and Dr. Nathan Morris, who interviewed marketing experts, Allan Dib, author of the 1-Page Marketing Plan and Whitney Kolterman, the Executive Marketing Director at the Kalish Institute. Kara, Nathan and their expert guests share key learnings, case studies, and other valuable resources, so that you can get started on Monday with a simple and effective plan for marketing your practice.

The podcast is made possible by our sponsors PureEncapsulations, Douglas Laboratories, Genestra Brands, and Living Matrix, our writing team, Kelsey Stafstrom and Paul Larkin and our Audio Engineer, Isadore Nieves.

Featured Speakers

Allan Dib Speakers

Allan Dib

Allan is the bestselling author of The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money And Stand Out From The Crowd. An international #1 bestseller, his book has been named as one of the top 10 best marketing books by The Huffington Post and has received critical acclaim in Medium, Inc., as well as in numerous business-focused podcasts, publications, and conferences. Allan shares his proven strategies and cutting-edge tactics with people all over the world as a highly sought-after business coach, consultant, and public speaker.

Whitney Kolterman Speakers

Whitney Kolterman

Whitney Kolterman is currently the Marketing Director at The Kalish Institute. With over 25 years of experience, she has built and executed marketing strategies for companies including Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, CamelBak, Pebble Beach Resorts, AdRoll, and Salesforce. A certified holistic health coach, Whitney is personally passionate about health and wellness education and is dedicated to broadening awareness and adoption of Functional Medicine.

Good Medicine On the Go team

Nathan Morris M.D

Nathan Morris, MD, IFMCP, Co-host

Nathan Morris, M.D. is a family practice, trained functional medicine practitioner. He specializes in determining connections between seemingly disparate clinical observations, approaching the body as an integrated whole. Dr. Morris applies genetic testing as a tool to objectively guide personalized approaches.

Kara Ware Co-host and Business Coach

Kara Ware, Co-host and Business Coach

Kara Ware has worked in conventional and functional medicine practices for the past 18-years. She is a leading contributor to improving patient retention and clinical outcomes for Functional Medicine practices. Her deep understanding of the patient’s experience, her business acumen, and her coaching skills make Kara an important asset when designing, opening, running, and growing a Functional Medicine practice.

Paul Larkin Atrium-Innovations Education Strategy Manager

Paul Larkin, Atrium-Innovations Education Strategy Manager

Paul Larkin is Manager of Education Strategy at Pure Encapsulations. In this role, he oversees the development of educational assets across various media (video, audio, print). By combining the rigor of science and the art of storytelling, Paul aims to create captivating and evidence-based education for healthcare providers (HCPs). Paul has advised HCPs on the efficacy and application of dietary supplements and lectured domestically and abroad on topics related to nutritional genomics and dietary supplements. He is passionate about lifestyle and preventative medicine.

Kelsey Stafstrom Atrium-Innovations E-Learning Manager

Kelsey Stafstrom, Atrium-Innovations E-Learning Manager

“Kelsey Stafstrom, MS, is a science communication enthusiast who brings her unique background in biomedical research and policy to the Good Medicine On The Go podcast production team. She currently serves as the Manager of Clinical Education for Atrium Innovations Professional Brands and helps design, write, and edit our podcast episodes.”

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