Your Environment is Everything

Your Environment is Everything

It’s common knowledge that diet and lifestyle play a large role in our well-being. People seek and try a variety of therapeutic lifestyle interventions, but with so much information, how do they know what is right for them? After trying so many different methods and not experiencing positive gains, it’s easy for people to feel doubtful that they can make a difference in their healthcare outcomes.

The recognition that environment, not genetics, is the primary driver of human health and well-being carries with it a strong message of personal empowerment and responsibility to shape one’s environment to nurture optimal genetic expression.

Why Coaching?

You are responsible for changing your mindset, emotions, nutrition, and lifestyle, understanding medical costs, driving well-informed healthcare decisions, and designing comprehensive and coordinated care plans that create consistency and continuity of care; no medical provider or therapist can do this for you. And since healthcare is a confusing maze, it’s highly advisable to work with a professional with the experience and wisdom to guide you. If this were easy, our nation would not have the alarming statistics of chronic diseases. 

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” 

Lao Tzu,  Tao Te Ching 


Before our coaching session I felt like I was throwing many darts trying to figure out what was right for me. After our coaching session, I gained the insight how to work with my body's blueprint to support my overall constitution rather than chasing symptoms. These lifestyle changes have enhanced the work I'm doing with my medical providers.


Beth Root


“You have a rare way of giving me your full attention and asking questions to know me better. RARE KARA WARE. You enthusiasm to live in spirit is uplifting to me. Most humble thanks for your brilliant insight and helping me hear and know myself. ”


Kerren Hall

Learn What Makes You Unique to Guide Effective Behavior Change.

Nutrigenomics is the best tool for understanding why family disease symptoms are expressed when the environment adversely affects your unique code. So what kind of environment does your code need to optimize expression? That’s the question your code cracks. You no longer have to guess what nutrition, exercise, and targeted nutrients are right for your unique being.

 Knowing what makes you unique and how to support your blueprint to counteract the effects of stress, trauma, inflammatory nutrition, and lifestyle provides the knowledge to make and implement well-informed daily healthcare decisions. Knowing yourself in this manner gives you the sense of being able to take direct action that will result in real change. Nutrigenomics hands the responsibility to you to create an environment that nurtures and sustains healing and transformation.

Ready to learn more about what this means for you?

*It is not required to have a nutrigenomics report to start with coaching. If you are concerned with privacy, check out this blog post.

Functional Medicine Practice Development

Therapeutic Relationships are the foundation of health and good medicine.

Creating Empowered Patients and Thriving Practices

The Therapeutic Partnerships Roadmap is a course for functional medicine providers opening or enhancing a private practice’s acquisition, patient activation, and retention, thus reducing everyone’s overwhelm! Since functional medicine is practiced within the therapeutic partnership, orienting the partners on collaborating most effectively from the beginning is advisable.

An Entry Point for Providers New to Nutrigenomics

Deepen the Personalization of Medicine

Learning nutrigenomics can feel hard, and applying the information to patient care can feel even harder. Has nutrigenomics been on your bucket list, yet you feel unsure how to integrate it into the functional medicine model? You possibly are doing a deep dive in many other areas of systems biology, and you are already working weekends; how do you add genomics without taking a high-level expensive course?