Nutrigenomics Coaching

PureGenomics Practitioner Onboarding Program

PureGenomics® has launched an onboarding program that prepares you with the successful application, knowledge, and clinical perspective needed to use PureGenomics® effectively. The clinical principles are broadly applicable to the science and general practice of PureGenomics®, regardless of which testing platform you use.

Program Objectives  

  1. Understand the evolving science of nutrigenomics
  2. Learn how the science is translated to clinical decision making
  3. Identify personalization strategies that can simplify the next steps and save time
  4. Learn how to integrate genetics into your practice

Integrate Nutrigenomics into Your Practice!

Has nutrigenomics been on your bucket list yet you feel overwhelmed and unsure how to interpret and prioritize the information gleaned from a report? Do you feel hesitant to talk with patients about their genetics? Are you wondering how to integrate PureGenomics into your practice workflow?

Schedule a Welcome Call with PureGenomics Account Manager, Lori Holt to get started with this unique program that helps you feel confident relying on a nutrigenomics report to advance your patients’ care. And be sure to inquire about the rewards provided if you complete the program in 3 months or less!


Thank you so much for breaking down this overwhelming area of nutrigenomics into incremental steps rather than bombarding me with an advanced course or too much information. These incremental implementation steps are so unique.


Heather Nielsen


Thank you. It is great to see how easy it really is to interpret and apply the science of nutrigenomics to patient care.


Dr. Jim Cross

PureGenomics is Your Nutrigenomics Interpretation Platform

PureGenomics® is grounded in reliable science. The collective body of research on each marker is evaluated by a team of physicians, PhDs, and nutritionists to determine the strength of the evidence and whether the associated phenotype responds to nutritional or lifestyle factors. Each SNP in PureGenomics is assigned an evidence score that quantifies the level of supporting scientific evidence between the SNP and its associated effect. 

PureGenomics® has simplified all the noise in the industry into a concise, easy-to-read report that makes genetics simplified. No longer do you have to be an expert in genetics to understand how to include this tool in your toolbox. The time to integrate this clinical decision-making tool into your practice is now, and the PureGenomics platform makes it easy to get started.

PureGenomics® was developed by Pure Encapsulations to harness the science of nutrigenomics to empower individuals to uncover the relationship between their genes, nutrition, and wellness. I am a paid business advisor for PureGenomics.