Nutrigenomics Integration Coaching

The success of functional medicine depends on how well the patient can implement lifestyle changes.

After receiving a complex diagnosis and trying numerous specialists and interventions, many patients arrive at a functional medicine practice exhausted and fearful. They know they need to change their diet and lifestyle but have yet to be successful in the past. Many patients may even feel demoralized and doubtful they can do what’s necessary to reverse their chronic condition.

Nutrigenomics can empower patients in a way few other tools can.

It’s a relief for patients to understand why they may fall apart under pressure, tip into unhealthy, reward-seeking coping strategies, gain weight even when they are dieting and exercising, or be susceptible to tipping into a TH2-dominant state.   Helping patients understand how their environment interacts with their genetic vulnerabilities is empowering.

And since patients’ environments are modifiable, nutrigenomic empowers patients to embrace diet and lifestyle modifications with a positive perspective and mindset to have the most power in their outcomes.


Thank you so much for coaching our practice to use nutrigenomics as a way to integrate a second provider and build their practice.


Heather Nielsen and Dr. Jeff Horacek


“Lara and I just did the PureGenomics webinar you helped us organize. We had 15 who registered, and 8 were present, and we have booked 4 of them for appointments in the hour since we completed it.”


Dr. Martha Calihan, MD

Therapeutic Partnerships Roadmap Course

Creating Empowered Patients and Thriving Practices

The Therapeutic Partnerships Roadmap is a new course sharing Kara’s proven model to help you effectively design and streamline your operating systems so you can integrate nutrigenomics, get the right patients through the doorempower them to be your equal partner, and keep them engaged long enough to experience profound clinical outcomes.

Integrate nutrigenomics to support successful behavior change.

The recognition that environment, not genetics, is the primary driver of human health and well-being carries with it a strong message of personal empowerment and responsibility to shape their environment to nurture optimal genetic expression.

Genetics places priority on modifying our environment, which gives the patient the sense of being able to take direct action that will result in real change.

Unlocking a patient’s genetic code, their instructional manual is the autonomous motivation that fosters persistence in behavior change. Genetics is the answer to tap into our patient’s longer, lasting, more meaningful motivation, their heartfelt desires and needs, the need for growth, and to gain knowledge and independence for their future, which will keep them on track while making dozens of health decisions each day. 

PureGenomics is Your Nutrigenomics Interpretation Platform

PureGenomics® is grounded in reliable science. The collective body of research on each marker is evaluated by a team of physicians, PhDs, and nutritionists to determine the strength of the evidence and whether the associated phenotype responds to nutritional or lifestyle factors. Each SNP in PureGenomics is assigned an evidence score that quantifies the level of supporting scientific evidence between the SNP and its associated effect. 

PureGenomics® has simplified all the noise in the industry into a concise, easy-to-read report that makes genetics simplified. No longer do you have to be an expert in genetics to understand how to include this tool in your toolbox. The time to integrate this clinical decision-making tool into your practice is now, and the PureGenomics platform makes it easy to get started.

PureGenomics® was developed by Pure Encapsulations to harness the science of nutrigenomics to empower individuals to uncover the relationship between their genes, nutrition, and wellness. I am a paid business advisor for PureGenomics.