Nutrigenomics Coaching

Are You a Provider New to Nutrigenomics?

Genomics has ushered in a big paradigm shift in health care

This rapidly evolving field is exciting. This exciting time also comes with some ambivalence. How does a practitioner discern what is true and what is speculation? The genome is massive. How do you even know if a SNP is actionable and well researched? Where does a practitioner start to learn the science of nutritional genomics in a non-intimidating method?  How do you use a nutrigenomics report in concert with a patient’s history and lab results? How do you talk with patients about genomics so it’s empowering and not overwhelming? How do you integrate into your workflow and office systems?  How do you train your staff? How do you market this service?

Integrate PureGenomics into Your Practice!

Has nutrigenomics been on your bucket list yet you feel unsure how to integrate it into the functional medicine model? Are you wondering how to integrate PureGenomics into your practice workflow? Schedule a  complimentary 30-minute Welcome Call with Kara Ware.


Thank you so much for breaking down this overwhelming area of nutrigenomics into incremental steps rather than bombarding me with an advanced course or too much information. These incremental implementation steps are so unique.


Heather Nielsen


Thank you. It was great to see how easy it really is to interpret and apply the insight gleaned from a nutrigenomics report!


Dr. Jim Cross


Kara Ware understands provider's challenges when first integrating nutrigenomics as a clinical decision-making tool. She helps you think through each step to incorporate PureGenomics into your practice.


Dr. Martha Calihan, MD

4-Step Integration Process

Resources Curated for Providers New to Nutrigenomics

Academic Core Principals

Learning the possible health implications is the first step to successfully integrating nutrigenomics as a clinical-decision making tool. It’s important to remember, SNPs are not good or bad, it is largely dependent on the environment influencing a gene’s expression. This is why a nutrigenomics report is so important to have when inspiring patients to make lifestyle and nutrition modifications.

Clinical Application

Learning a complex topic such as nutrigenomics and using a genetic interpretation tool can be intimidating, and it can be hard to know where to begin. The podcast miniseries and Dr. James Greenblatt’s Depression course make nutrigenomics accessible and contextual to your patients’ care.

Nutrigenomics Coaching

The third step, in the integration process, is to feel confident interpreting the report based on your patients’ top objectives, facilitating a conversation that is empowering to your patients, and integrating the new tool into your workflow and office systems. There is no tool as effective at inspiring the modifiable lifestyle changes as a Nutrigenomics report. Schedule an hour coaching session with Kara Ware to integrate PureGenomics into your practice.


Use these PureGenomics® marketing tools to promote PureGenomics® in your practice. When you log into your provider dashboard, you will find Patient Resources under PureGenomics® Education.  Plus, listen to Good Medicine On the Go Season 3, Reimagining Marketing: Simple Steps to Build Relationships and Strengthen Your Practice  The season narrowly focuses on the first phase, and often the hardest phase of marketing. You can apply lessons learned to market your nutrigenomics service.

PureGenomics is your Nutrigenomics Interpretation Platform

PureGenomics® is grounded in reliable science. The collective body of research on each marker is evaluated by a team of physicians, PhDs, and nutritionists to determine the strength of the evidence and whether the associated phenotype responds to nutritional or lifestyle factors. Each SNP in PureGenomics is assigned an evidence score that quantifies the level of supporting scientific evidence between the SNP and its associated effect. 

PureGenomics® has simplified all the noise in the industry into a concise, easy-to-read report that makes genetics simplified. No longer do you have to be an expert in genetics to understand how to include this tool in your toolbox. The time to integrate this clinical decision-making tool into your practice is now, and the PureGenomics platform makes it easy to get started.

PureGenomics® was developed by Pure Encapsulations to harness the science of nutrigenomics to empower individuals to uncover the relationship between their genes, nutrition, and wellness