Nutrigenomics Case Study Events

Learning genomics can feel really hard, and applying the information, even harder.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Let the Good Medicine On the Go team guide you to easily add this piece to your practice and patient care. The 2022 event calendar will be published soon. In the meantime, if you are a provider who would like the opportunity to submit a case study (patient history, current care plan, genetic report) to review with one of our experts, please use this link to complete the Case Study submission form. Providers who submit case studies do not need to pay the small event registration fee

Dr. Nathan Morris, co-creator of the PureGenomics platform, is going to lead practitioners through several basic SNPs used in the application, and take a step-by-step approach through actual case studies submitted by our audience. 

How It Works

These case study events are straightforward, easy to attend, and designed to make nutrigenomics accessible and contextual to your practice.

How to include nutrigenomics into the Functional Medicine model Case Study Events are offered monthly.

The Nutrigenomics Case Study Events include:

  • Submit your toughest case studies and review with an expert
  • You’ll learn SNPs (Yeah! You’ll know more than MTHFR and COMT when we’re done!)
  • How to interpret the PureGenomics® report based on patient’s top objectives
  • How to use the PureGenomics® report in a patient encounter
  • A community designed to help you put nutrigenomics to work in YOUR practice
  • Live Q&A
Heart Health with Healthy Foods and Stethoscope

Up until now, nutrigenomics has been unnecessarily complicated


Dr. Morris is using the PureGenomics® nutrigenomic report for these events. PureGenomics® was developed by Pure Encapsulations to harness the science of nutrigenomics to empower individuals to uncover the relationship between their genes, nutrition, and wellness. If you would like to get started with PureGenomics® you can create an account here, and schedule a PureGenomics Welcome Call to get started. *There is no guarantee that your case study will be selected

2022 Events Calendar will soon be published. 

Bonus: The PureGenomics® platform will be available for you to use FREE of charge.  This tool will absolutely transform your practice! 

“I had a patient who was doing great and we were both thrilled with her progress. The last issue to tackle was her lack of ability to focus. When I ran her genetics through PureGenomics®, it showed the patient had a specific detox issue. Adding one supplement to her regimen fixed the problem. I felt like I hit the ball out of the park.”

Dr. Nathan Morris

Wait, there's more!

Join us for this year’s full lineup of clinical and business application events for successful nutrigenomics integration.

  • Integrating Nutrigenomics into Your Practice with Kara Ware
  • Integrating Nutrigenomics into the Functional Medicine model with Dr. Nathan Morris and Robyn Puglia
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+The presenters are paid advisors at Pure Encapsulations, All event productions represent the opinions of the presenters and do not represent the position or the opinion of the sponsor. Reference by the presenter to any specific product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, or manufacturer does not constitute or imply endorsement or recommendations by the Sponsor. The events are not substitutions for standard medical care. The events are intended for licensed health care practitioners. Practitioners are solely responsible for the care and treatment provided to their own patients. *PureGenomics® nutritional information is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.