Are you ready to effectively prepare your patients to be your equal partner?

You have many hats to wear when you’re just starting out in functional medicine. I’ve been there. I used my 10+ years of working in functional medicine practices to create the tools and resources to assist you in boosting your acquisition rates and ensuring you meet with empowered, activated partners who stay engaged long enough to experience profound clinical outcomes. Learn more about how my proactive strategy model can help you take steps to build a thriving and profitable practice you love.

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  • Boost patient acquisition, activation, and retention
  • Reduce everyone’s overwhelm and stress
  • Optimize clinical outcomes
  • Increase word-of-mouth referrals
  • Enhance your practice’s bottom line by optimizing patient activation and retention

Before opening her functional medicine practice, Dr. Emily Roedersheimer, a family physician, hired me to assist in designing her patient journey to optimize patient acquisition, activation, and retention. In 2-years, Dr. Emily has a waiting list and successful practice she loves and enjoys.

Our unique integraton program helps you improve your patient acquisition, activation and retention.

Step 1

Contact Kara

Tell me about the tools and strategies you are looking for to set your practice up for success from the start.
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Step 2

Watch the 5 Ways to Create Empowered Patients and Thriving Practices Case Study

Learn Kara’s successful methods for teaching your patients how to become your equal, therapeutic partner in their health journey.

Watch a Proactive Strategy Model Case Study video

Step 3

Therapeutic Partnerships Roadmap short course

If you are a hybrid coach and provider and have no intention to integrate a health coach, Kara’s proactive strategy model is still advisable to establish your patients to be your therapeutic partner and take your practice to the next level.

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“Having my health coach positioned at the beginning of my patients’ journey helped set me up for success.”

Dr. Emily Roedersheimer, DO

“Kara Ware understands provider's challenges when integrating nutrigenomics as a clinical decision-making tool. She helps you think through each step to incorporate PureGenomics into your practice ”

Dr. Martha Calihan, MD

"Dana's deep understanding of functional medicine and versatile marketing and social media talents makes her the best partner for your marketing strategy, creative development, project management, and measurement of campaigns."

Kara Ware, NBC-HWC

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