Miniseries: Nutrigenomics and the Big Picture

What insight can a nutrigenomics report provide in approximately 15-minutes?

The purpose of nutrigenomics is to guide more personalized nutritional support. SNPs can tell us where to focus our clinical evaluation. Is the patient drinking too much caffeine? Eating too much fat? What nutrients should I test for? What kind of exercise is best for the patient? These minisodes provide a SNP peak into the nutrigenomics case studies submitted by providers for our Nutrigenomics Case Study Events.

Minisode #1- A 32-year-old woman whose top complaints are PCOS, weight gain, and fatigue. Asthma is also in her medical history.

Minisode #2- A 55-year-old woman whose top objectives are significant weight gain, binge eating when stressed, and persistent knee pain.

Minisode #3- A 35-year-old working mom of 3 children. Her top concerns are Brain fog, fatigue, headaches that have recently turned even more extreme
and achy all over.

Minisode #4- A 57-year old female patient with mold illness, heavy metal toxicity, extreme fatigue, anxiety, vision problems, difficulty thinking, can’t lose weight. Dx with Hashimoto’s.

Minisode #5- 31-year old male, placed on Ritalin in the second grade, whose top objectives are anxiety and depression, especially in the winter months, food aversions, and year-round allergies.

Minisode #6- A 57-year-old male CEO, with problems with memory. Pt has borderline blood pressure.  Problems with memory started with taking a statin.  Pt also has issues with borderline blood sugar HGA1C is 5.8  and bloating.  The patient is losing weight by avoiding fats and carbs.

Minisode #7- A 45-year-old female who is inquiring about bio-identical hormones for depression, anxiety, and weight gain.

Minisode #8- A 29 year old man living with addiction-Diagnosed with ADD when he was younger, started self-medicating with alcohol and then on to heroine.

Minisode #9- A 29-year-old man living with addiction-Diagnosed with ADD when he was younger, started self-medicating with alcohol and then on to heroine.

Minisode #10- A 35-year old woman, grew up in a rural Pennsylvania farming community.She is diagnosed with POTS, Ellers Danslos, chronic fatigue, and high levels of Epstein bar virus.

Minisode #11- A 32-year old woman who desires to become pregnant. She has high B12 levels, severe fatigue, and fluctuating thyroid levels.

Kara Ware recommends PureGenomics® as your genetic interpretation platform. PureGenomics® was developed by Pure Encapsulations to harness the science of nutrigenomics to empower individuals to uncover the relationship between their genes, nutrition, and wellness. 

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Good Medicine On the Go 2021 nutrigenomics events

In addition to our podcast, we created Good Medicine On the Go events as a way to more deeply engage with our listeners.

Our new virtual events offer a complete lineup of clinical and business application webinars for successful nutrigenomics integration.

Since a nutrigenomics report is only meant to guide your decision-making process and not prescribe or diagnose, we are offering monthly Case Study events to train you to connect a patient’s family history, their symptomology, and genetics to personalize and prioritize your treatment plan. You will also find events to connect Genotype to Phenotype and a Business Integration event to pull everything together.

Summer 2021 Nutrigenomics and the Big Picture

Summer 2021 nutrigenomics and the big picture

Hi Everyone,

It’s Kara and Nathan here and we’re currently between seasons. Our team at Good Medicine On the Go writes and produces seasons like mini-courses. Each Functional Medicine-based clinical and business development season offers interviews with experts in the field, free resources, and blog posts.

Season 4 will be launching in Fall 2021. If you are a provider, curious about cannabis, please email your questions to

In the meantime, join us for our summer Miniseries: Nutrigenomics and the Big Picture