Miniseries: Conversations with Clinicians

Conversations with Clinicians

Anorexia Nervosa, Pharmacogenomics, Integrating a health coach case study, and more relevant topics to the expanding field of Functional Medicine, are explored in our Fall Miniseries; Conversations with Clinicians.

If you missed our Summer Miniseries; Nutrigenomics and the Big Picture, listen in and learn how much insight can be gleaned from a nutrigenomics report in 15-minutes or less.

Minisode #1- Dr. James Greenblatt talks with us about advancing care for Anorexia Nervosa for the first time in over 25-years.

Good Medicine On the Go 2021 nutrigenomics events

In addition to our podcast, we created Good Medicine On the Go events as a way to more deeply engage with our listeners.

Our new virtual events offer a complete lineup of clinical and business application webinars for successful nutrigenomics integration.

Since a nutrigenomics report is only meant to guide your decision-making process and not prescribe or diagnose, we are offering monthly Case Study events to train you to connect a patient’s family history, their symptomology, and genetics to personalize and prioritize your treatment plan. You will also find events to connect Genotype to Phenotype and a Business Integration event to pull everything together.

Summer 2021 Nutrigenomics and the Big Picture

Fall 2021 Miniseries

Hi Everyone,

It’s Kara and Nathan here and we’re currently between seasons. Our team at Good Medicine On the Go writes and produces seasons like mini-courses. Each Functional Medicine-based clinical and business development season offers interviews with experts in the field, free resources, and blog posts.

Season 4 will be launching in 2022. The season focuses on Cannabis Therapeutics. It’s a complex topic that is taking us some time to write a 6 episode season.

If you are a provider, curious about cannabis, please email your questions to