Integrating Nutrigenomics Into The Functional Medicine Model

Genomics has ushered in a big paradigm shift in healthcare. This shift also comes with some ambivalence. Where does a practitioner start to learn the science of nutritional genomics in a non-intimidating method?  How do you use a nutrigenomics report in concert with a patient’s history and lab results? How do you talk with patients about genomics so it’s empowering and not overwhelming? How do you integrate into your workflow and office systems?  How do you train your staff? How do you market this service?

Nutrigenomics Case Study Minisodes


May I help you inspire and empower patients in successful behavior change persistence?

Behavior change drives the success of our beloved systems biology medical model and is the number one cause of poor patient retention.

Overcoming Barriers to Adoption

When adding nutrigenomics into a functional medicine practice and patient care, there are common barriers that you can easily bypass based on lessons taught by thought leaders.

Nutrigenomics Course

Learn the science and clinical fundamentals of nutrigenomics. This complimentary self-guided course, created by Dr. Kelly Heim, Ph.D., provides approximately 4 hours of lectures, quizzes, and animations on core academic material you need to interpret and apply nutrigenetics effectively.