The 4 Biggest Problems in Biomed | Functional Medicine (and how one tool solves them all)

The 4 Biggest Problems in Biomed | Functional Medicine (and how one tool solves them all)

You’ve decided to pursue Biomed | functional medicine root-cause healing.


As a Biomed functional medicine success story, I can assure you, that choosing root-cause healing is one of the best decisions you will ever make!

But because I’ve been there myself, I know you might be feeling a strange mix of emotions right now:

Hopeful… but terrified. Can Autism be reversed? Is there a cure? Is recovery possible? 

Excited…. but stressed out. What Autism treatments can reverse this disorder? 

Energized… but also paralyzed. How do I know if what I’m doing is working? What are the signs of Autism recovery?

If you’re feeling these or any other mix of emotions, know you’re not alone, and there’s nothing wrong with you.

Conventional Medicine for chronic disease is set up as “one pill for one ill.” In contrast, Functional Medicine requires you to be a participant in your lifestyle choices, understanding medical costs and driving health care decisions. 

This shift from the backseat to the driver’s seat can be overwhelming and even paralyzing… and sadly, it causes many people to back away from functional medicine before they see any results.

After watching clients turn away from functional medicine, I set out to create systems and tools to make functional medicine more approachable, affordable, and sustainable for all.

The simple tool that gives patients better results every time

Want Functional Medicine to work for you?

Great news – I have a powerful but simple tool that works every time.

The only problem is that it’s SO simple; many people underestimate it. 

I’m talking about the Personalized Medicine Care Planner.

From the outside, this planner looks like any other planner… but inside, it’s specially designed for patients on the functional medicine journey. 

And it solves the top 4 problems patients face with functional medicine. 

Here’s how…

Problem #1: Overwhelm

Chronic disease places the body in a state of fear and overwhelm. You feel lost, confused about what to do, and uncertain about your future. 

Even if a patient takes all the right supplements and eats all the right organic, low-inflammatory foods, healing will still seem out of reach as long as the patient is living in a chronic state of fear.

No one likes feeling lost! 

One of the best ways to begin minimizing fear is addressing the feeling of being lost.

What helps you feel less lost? A map. 

And that’s what your Functional Care Planner is: your map to healing. 

It’s a tool to track, document, and plan – all in one place – so you can see the bigger picture. You’ll no longer feel lost and overwhelmed because you’ll know exactly where you’re going and how you will get there.

Problem #2: Burnout

Who hasn’t started a new workout or diet on Monday, hit a little roadblock on Tuesday, and completely given up by Friday?

Anything that requires change has the potential to lead to burnout and giving up… including functional medicine

Luckily, the planner has a secret trick for this problem, too!

Research by the Dominican University of California found that people who wrote down their goals shared them with others, and maintained accountability for their goals were 33% more likely to achieve them versus those who just formulated goals in their heads

What you write in your planner isn’t just your practitioner’s recommendations – what you’re willing to do, what you feel motivated to do, and what’s within your current ability. Since lifestyle changes are essentially skill development, choosing lifestyle changes based on your current ability (competence) will grow your confidence. Confidence, the feeling like I can do this, is what will make your journey sustainable. Overwhelm and burnout are only signs you are trying to do too much, too soon, outside your current ability.

The planner is where your practitioner’s plan for you becomes your plan. When you really start to learn and write why you’re taking the supplements and why you are choosing to change nutrition and other lifestyle factors, the deep belief in your plan needed for action is created, reinforced, and becomes a part of you. 

Problem #3: Budget

Financial stress is a major initiator of illness, and it’s also something many people feel completely out of control about.

Many of us have no idea where our money is really going (I once worked with a patient who realized they were spending $700/month on fast food!).

But as I like to say, budget is another word for plan.

The Personalized Medicine Care Planner has specific tools for creating a self-care budget. Ultimately, functional medicine forces us to prioritize self-care.

When you look at what money is coming in and where it’s going out, you can reallocate the finances you have available…and you might just be surprised to see everything you need to partner with a functional medicine provider successfully is already there.

You plan for retirement, kids’ college, vacations, and now it’s time to make a plan of how to end your suffering. You will be amazed at how much positive change can happen in one year!

Problem #4: Communication

Functional Medicine is a mutual-participatory medical model – that means you and your provider must be equal partners in your pursuit of health.

What kills partnerships? Poor communication.

Whether it’s that you struggle to communicate your needs to your provider… or that they create a plan that doesn’t consider your needs, motivations, and abilities, the Personalized Medicine Care Planner can help.

Bring your planner to each appointment as a starting point for discussion with your provider. Not only can you quickly and accurately report what you’ve been doing and the results (so that no precious appointment time is wasted), but your provider can see how your plan is working in real life. Your planner can help you feel confident to communicate what is and isn’t working, what’s a high priority, and what can wait until later. 

To be your provider’s equal therapeutic partner, you need a tool to communicate how you implement your personalized plan. Implementation is how information becomes knowledge, and knowledge is Power!

Don’t skip the planner!

If you’re thinking…

I already have an organizational system that works for me…

I’ll keep a note on my phone…

I don’t really need a planner…

I hope what I’ve shared in this article can change your mind. The Planner is your best tool for beating overwhelm and burnout, creating a sustainable budget, and communicating effectively with your provider. 

The Personalized Medicine Care Planner isn’t just another notebook – it’s a carefully designed complete planner for tracking everything related to your functional medicine journey:

  • Supplements
  • Labs
  • Therapies
  • Exercise
  • Diet changes
  • Symptoms
  • Gains
  • Budget
  • Appointments
  • And more!

And the best part? The planner is undated and lasts an entire year – so you can start on Page 1 when you get it. You’ll be blown away by how much progress you can make in one year! 

The Personalized Medicine Care Planner is an essential tool for root-cause healing success!

To your health,



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