Family Care Plans

A key component of root-cause healing is self-coaching.

When families hear of root cause medicine, they dash to a functional, biomed doctor to get started. Excellent. You need medical oversight! What usually happens is that families spend a lot of money and feel like nothing is working.

Suppose you want to use your energy, time, and finances wisely and optimize your outcome. In that case, you will prioritize building the skill set to design, implement, and sustain a personalized, comprehensive, and coordinated care plan that matches your current ability and creates consistency and continuity of care. Building this self-coaching skill set is how you truly become an effective partner with your chosen medical providers, expedite your healing process, and optimize your outcomes.


Most of the interventions helped a little. However, his behaviors continued to escalate. We were at our lowest point when we met Kara. After one year, our lives changed in ways I had only dreamed about.


Teri S.

Master Your Self-Coaching Skill Set

The Hope for Healing workbook helps you navigate your functional medicine journey by showing you how to distill the massive amount of lifestyle, behavioral, and medical information you receive into a personalized care plan that can be easily applied to your unique circumstances and current ability.

Inside, you will find education, inspiration, and guidance to help the entire family – including caregivers – feel confident and competent throughout the functional medicine process, with the goal of everyone becoming more vibrant versions of themselves.

Personalized Medicine Care Planner

No one medical intervention, supplement, nutrition, or lifestyle change will in and of itself resolve all your pains. Instead, layering many pieces of a comprehensive care plan to work together over time eventually restores your or your child’s well-being and freedom. And there is an intelligent and safe method for layering interventions. The care planner is your best tool for beating overwhelm and burnout, creating a sustainable budget, and communicating effectively with your medical providers.

“Life was hell. We walked on eggshells around our teenage son. After a year of working with Kara, we have our lives back. Our family is enjoying time together again.”


Nancy Bernotaitis, Good Works Farm

Good Medicine

Shocking must see!

Disclaimer: Many people celebrate neurodivergence and their Autism. If you are not in pain and thriving, we celebrate with you. Every person is unique, and neurodivergence does not just describe those with an Autism diagnosis. My child and those of the families I coach are in tremendous pain and discomfort. Removing sources of inflammation and providing targeted nutrient supplementation is a must to improve the quality of life for our children in pain and, therefore, improve the quality of life for the entire family.

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The vision of Good Works Farm is to be a robust farmstead community of diverse individuals of all abilities who use their distinctive talents and abilities to support and encourage one another to reach their fullest potential in a place of safety, acceptance, peace, and well-being.