Creating Patient Empowerment & Autonomy

People often arrive at our practices searching for something that has felt elusive. They want to feel better. They hear of functional medicine and seek out medical practitioners to tell them how to heal the root cause. Systems biology, root cause medicine can provide transformative healing with one exception, outcomes are largely dependent on how well a person can implement nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

Let's Talk.

Ask yourself: Would I rather have a distressed patient who asks, “What can you do for me?” or an empowered patient who asks, “How can we achieve these goals together?”

Ready to set everyone up for success?

From finding the right health coach to creating seamless workflows and continuity of care in your practice, Kara brings over two decades of experience to her one-of-a-kind proactive strategy model. Kara works with her clients to:

  • Develop workflow models that lead to better patient outcomes and a thriving practice.
  • Create program bundles based on patient readiness.
  • Configure patient care paths, back-office and communication systems, and optimal team integration. 
  • Streamline the technology that drives your practice to streamline the patient’s journey.
  • Keep patients activated in the process long enough to experience profound results.
  • Find, interview, hire, onboard, train, manage, and optimize the right health coach for your clinical practice.
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Therapeutic Partnerships Roadmap

Creating Empowered Patients and Thriving Practices

The Therapeutic Partnerships Roadmap is a new course sharing Kara’s proven model to help you effectively design and streamline your operation systems so you can get the right patients through the doorempower them to be your equal partner, and keep them engaged long enough to experience profound clinical outcomes.

New Practices

Setting up a new practice? Get tools and training to create workflows that allow you to easily integrate a health coach into your practice (and avoid bottlenecks) when you are ready.

Established Practices

Been in practice for 2+ years and are ready to end the overwhelm? Get tools and resources to take back your time and improve patient acquisition, activation, and retention.

“A Shift In Mindset”
“It’s so easy as “the doctor” to slip into a doctor-patient relationship that’s built around the doctor’s wants and beliefs for the patient, prescribing changes or protocols that might be ideal for that individual, but are not congruent with where the patient is currently at. As a practitioner new to Functional Medicine, I often find myself over preparing before a patient appointment, pre-determining what the outcome needs to be, deciding what the patient will need to do, take, or change. Some of this planning is necessary and important as their health guide, to lead them down a path of health and healing but, many times it lacks the patient’s input and inhibits their willingness to change, and feel “seen”. This one sided approach is not a therapeutic partnership and will most likely not lead to the outcomes we all desire. Kara helped me adjust my mindset, although small, has a profound impact on the potential for the patient to feel  “seen” and to begin the healing process through a therapeutic partnership with the doctor, coaches, and your practice.” 

Dr. Anthony Evans

 Align for Life