August 18, 2021 Nutrigenomics case study events with Dr. Nathan Morris, MD


In this virtual event series, Dr. Nathan Morris, MD will showcase how to understand and use nutrigenomics in your practice through real-life case studies submitted by registrants.  Nathan will walk you through patients’  history + their PureGenomics genetic profile report so you feel confident applying the information to advance your patients’ care.

Upon registration, you will receive instructions to submit case studies and access to our private ‘SNP Basics’ video series.


Event:            Nutrigenomics Case Studies

Presenter:     Dr. Nathan Morris, MD*

Dates:            August 18, 2021

Time:             6:30-8 pm EST

Cost:               $34.99


*Dr. Nathan Morris, MD and Kara Ware are retained advisors to Pure Encapsulations.

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