End the Overwhelm

Have you been in practice 2+ years?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed, putting more time and effort into your patients’ care than they are?

I created the tools below to help you take the right steps to run your practice like a business, help MORE patients with less effort and create a profitable practice you absolutely love.

Let me be your coach as you design, implement, and fine-tune your proactive strategy model.

  • Effectively design and streamline your operating systems to prepare your patient to be your equal, therapeutic partner
  • Reduce your stress and free up your time and energy to do deep healing work with confident, competent patients
  • Steadily acquire new patients and increase word-of-mouth referrals
  • Activate patients in their care, so they partner with you rather than expecting you to ‘fix’ them
  • Effectively integrate a health coach to create a therapeutic environment where your patient is ready to discuss and confidently implement change
  • Grow your practice and expand your team
  • Discover how to stop working unreimbursed evenings and weekends

Let’s change the patient conversation from “what are you going to do for me?” to “what can we achieve together?”

“Kara is a godsend to our practice.”


Dr. Paula Kruppstadt MD

“Kara was instrumental in putting my brain in the right mindset to make changes. When my mindset shifted, and I was able to process a new way of thinking, I saw how to restructure my practice to reduce overwhelm and optimize profitability.”


Dr. Barbara Johnson, MD

Ready to improve patient acquisition, activation, and patient retention to optimize your clinical outcomes and word-of-mouth referrals?

Step 1

The Proactive Strategy Model to Create Empowered Patients and Thriving Practices Case Study

Learn Kara’s successful methods for teaching your patients how to become your equal, therapeutic partner in their health journey.

Watch the Case Study Interview

Step 2

Practice Optimization Coaching

Let Kara coach you to discover your unique version of the proactive strategy model that optimizes patient acquisition, activation, and retention.

Hey Kara

Step 3

Complete the Therapeutic Partnerships Roadmap Course

Gain access to Kara’s course to streamline your operation systems, create continuity of care, empower your patients to be your therapeutic partner, and take your practice to the next level.

Learn more 


Kara Ware takes health coaching in a functional medicine clinic to a whole new level of support for both physicians and patients. I highly recommend Kara as a business advisor or health coach.


Dr. Dan Kalish The Kalish Institute

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"Working with Kara to integrate a health coach has been the single best practice innovation I've made in the last 10-15 years. I recommend her to all of my Kalish Institute students"


Dr. Dan Kalish, Kalish Wellness


“Everything is now online, and I have purchased several courses, and it is all so overwhelming. Thank you for the guided learning and guidance in adding nutrigenomics into the functional medicine model."


Dr. Heather Linder, MD.


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