Behavioral Change Drives the Success of Root Cause Medicine

Behavioral Change Drives the Success of Root Cause Medicine

Symptoms such as those referred to as autism (behavioral and communication) are how our children communicate that, somewhere inside them, their bodies are not performing the right steps in the necessary sequence to maintain health and development. Symptoms manifest differently in each child because of their unique family history, triggering events, ongoing exposures, and genetic blueprint.

Since health largely depends upon the interaction between one’s environment, nutrition, and genetic code, you must look at the environment where you live courageously. You are your child’s environment. Your family’s environment is formed by your habitual patterns, created to cope with your environment, inherited genetic vulnerabilities, and unresolved trauma. Habitual patterns include thought patterns, dietary choices, movement, sleep, play, communication, time, and finances.

Healing the root causes creating the symptoms referred to as Autism is not another therapy that focuses solely on the child. If you attempt to change your child’s nutrition without changing your nutrition, you are setting yourself up for more tantrums and resistance. The root cause journey is something you do with your children, not something you do to them.

I made this PDF to share the cliff notes on BJ Fogg’s behavior change model. I highly recommend his book Tiny Habits, The Small Changes that Change Everything, and find the golden behavior changes you want and feel like you can make!

I encourage you to allow Autism to be a catalyst for becoming a more vibrant version of yourself. Your child will heal in tandem. Let your child know they are guiding you and that you are thankful for everything they are teaching you. When I first started, I was researching and attempting to learn the complex neuro and biological pathways. Fortunately, I  was working as a health coach and studying the Behavioral Sciences when my son regressed into Autism. My children began to improve when I prioritized changing my mindset, emotions, spiritual connection, and habits. Behavioral changes are what drive the systems biology | root cause medical model.

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