Autism is a MASSIVE Cover-Up

Autism is a MASSIVE Cover-Up

More than 20 years since Autism’s prevalence has increased, parents are still told Autism is not treatable. It’s a mental diagnosis, not a medical diagnosis.

This is a lie. Autism is a massive cover-up of what’s really happening: the poisoning of our planet and its species and the overprescribing of big pharma products.

Have you heard the saying, “If you meet one child with Autism, you’ve met one child with Autism.”?

One diagnosis, yet each child has different symptom manifestations. Even though each child is different, the traditional, insurance-covered treatment plan is the SAME for all children. Furthermore, the traditional treatment plan focuses entirely on suppressing and managing the symptoms of the child.  I felt this approach was absolutely insane.

Autism absolutely has medical origins such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, overgrowth of gut pathogens, leaky gut and brain, and alarming levels of neurotoxins such as chemicals and heavy metals that affect our children’s neuro and biological functioning. Parents, medical providers, and researchers now understand that a once-thought “dead-end diagnosis” like Autism can actually be reversed by removing the sources of inflammation and repairing the physiological harm.

More and more parents are hearing that this condition is treatable and that kids are recovering!

Families set out to quickly address the underlying medical conditions to overcome this god-awful disorder. When you step out of traditional treatment, you enter another maze of healthcare options and approaches. It’s incredibly difficult to navigate root-cause healing AND take care of your other children, work, home, and all facets of life. Usually, what happens is that parents spend a ton of money and, after three years, feel like they have failed at recovering their child.

My son has emerged from this disorder; however, it didn’t take three years for him to surface; it took ten! The last eight years have not been easy as we have helped him develop the social skills to thrive in social scenarios and community. People are usually compassionate when there is an obvious disability but not so much when the disability is less noticeable. Furthermore, my son walks a fine line. If he begins eating high-inflammatory foods or is exposed to a triggering inflammatory source like mold, his neurological symptoms of Autism flare.

I’m trying to share that our kids can emerge from this disability; however, recovery insinuates there is a finish line. This unrealistic expectation will sabotage your path of transformation. If you attempt to race to this finish line, you can very well cause more harm than good with your exceptionally sensitive children.

The secret to placing Autism into remission is to PACE yourself.

And this is beyond challenging with all the available information and treatments. If you agree with me and decide to PACE yourself to prevent harm from ill-timed medical interventions, knowing how to layer interventions in a safe and intelligent sequence will be helpful. That is why I authored the Hope for Healing Workbook and The Personalized Medicine Care Planner.

Disclaimer: Many people celebrate neurodivergence and their Autism. If you are not in pain and thriving, we celebrate with you. Every person is unique, and neurodivergence does not just describe those with an Autism diagnosis. My child and those of the families I coach are in tremendous pain and discomfort. Removing sources of inflammation and providing targeted nutrient supplementation is a must to improve the quality of life for our children in pain and, therefore, improve the quality of life for the entire family.
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