Autism Remission

Families are still receiving the same message as 20 years ago

For the longest time, parents are told all bets are off; Autism is not treatable. Parents are told it is just who their child is; you can not change their neurochemistry. The options are medication, behavioral, and speech therapy, love them, try to keep them safe, and plan for adult living solutions. Diet may help some, but Autism is a mental disorder without medical origins. The conventional insurance-covered services and treatments focus entirely on managing the child for life rather than improving the health and function of the entire family.

Choose Root Cause Healing

Fortunately, more than two decades ago, visionary parents, medical providers, and researchers began to investigate nutrient deficiencies, insulin resistance, mitochondrial health, autophagy, neurotrophic factors, metabolic abnormalities, dysregulated immune system, toxicity, overgrowth of gut pathogens, Lyme Disease and other neuro, biological, and nutritional imbalances with diagnostic labs for the purpose to learn how to help place symptoms into remission and restore function. These innovators created a new systems biology medical model called functional medicine.

Behavioral change is what makes Biomed|functional medicine successful.

A functional medicine provider offers strategy and advanced medical interventions and protocols to address vector-borne illnesses, detoxification of biotoxins, heavy metals,  and chemicals, kill gut pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, induce cellular autophagy, and regenerate neuronal growth and synaptic connections.

But before it’s safe to implement any protocol, it’s intelligent to strengthen everyone’s foundation (including parents). You will actually have to do fewer medical interventions.

The PDF is designed to help you discover what nutritional and lifestyle changes you want and feel like you can make and sustain!

Functional medicine has great potential but many barriers

  • Treatment plans remain child-focused.
  • Children are picky eaters and resistant to changing their favorite foods.
  • Families implement nutrition and lifestyle changes that do not match their current ability and quickly feel in over their heads.
  • Symptoms can become worse, and families stop everything.
  • Expensive diagnostic labs and numerous sophisticated and complex supplement and functional therapy protocols.
  • Sustaining out-of-pocket medical expenses place further stress on families.
  • Parents have unrealistic expectations of root-cause medicine.
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How does Kara coach you to solve the problem differently?

  • Family care plan model includes the entire family in healing.
  • Guides families to create comprehensive, coordinated care that matches their current ability and layers interventions in a safe and intelligent sequence.
  • Supports the parents’ change process since they are their children’s environment and must lead by example.
  • Places priority on parents’ mindset, emotions, and spiritual connection to implement lifestyle/nutrition changes and medical protocols to reduce resistance and stress and optimize outcomes.
  • Budget time and money to align with family values to enhance return on investment.
  • Discover communication and interpersonal skills to go against the cultural norm and build better relationships.
  • Identify potential roadblocks and what you will rely on in times of increased chaos, stress, and adversity.
  • Transform sabotaging expectations by planning realistic goals.
  • Establish a strong foundation to be an effective partner with a functional medicine provider.

Autism Can Be Hard

With 1 out of 54 children now diagnosed with Autism, more and more families are struggling with Autism. Consequently, families are often living with…financial crisis, family divorce, siblings that are struggling, prescription drugs, harm from ill-timed medical interventions, trying everything and having nothing work, learning how to manage behaviors that are unmanageable, dangerous behaviors, aging out of services, institutionalization, and even giving up custody of their child to the state. Fear is choking the life out of the family. Behaviors, regressions, and going against the cultural norm are not easy. Forget parenting, survival is the name of the minute. How in the world are parents supposed to make so many lifestyle changes? And is recovery really even possible?

Good Medicine 2015

Podcast Interview

Shocking! Must See

“My nonverbal son would gag and resist the new foods I tried to introduce.  When I realized I had the credit card, car keys, and the power to decide what foods come into the house, it gave me the confidence to establish boundaries. My son did not eat for 7 days. He asked for a sandwich on day 4. I didn’t even know he knew that word! On the 8th day, he ate baked acorn squash with ghee and has never again bulked at his food options.”

-Kari M

Disclaimer: Many people celebrate neurodivergence and their Autism. If you are not in pain and thriving, we celebrate with you. Every person is unique, and neurodivergence does not just describe those with an Autism diagnosis. My child and those of the families I coach are in tremendous pain and discomfort. Removing sources of inflammation and providing targeted nutrient supplementation is a must to improve the quality of life for our children in pain and, therefore, improve the quality of life for the entire family.